Integration lessons

An inclusive group is a group of children and young people that includes participants with and without special needs.
The aim of an inclusive group is to create conditions for the integration and socialization of children into Austrian society and to develop tolerance, empathy and respect for diversity in all participants.

Psychological support

Since February 2023, the Beregynja association has been offering individual and group psychological counseling to provide support and emotional care for refugees. Women of all ages come to our experts, who offer regular services such as weekly women’s meetings and individual counseling sessions for those in need. People with special needs are clearly welcome to take part in all activities.


iOur association offers language courses for young and old. Above all, the offers focus on conversation and integration. You can learn English and German as a second language with us and register your little ones for the native Ukrainian reading club. Our language courses are also supported by native-speaking teachers.

Psychotherapeutic groups

Beregynja offers psychotherapeutic groups for children and adolescents, which are led by Mr. Peter Petrus, an Austrian psychotherapist. Mag. Petrus supports people with and without special needs, which is why he also offers an inclusion group for psychotherapy. As not all participants can understand German without barriers, the group is supported by interpreters.

Speech therapy and defectology

In addition to integration lessons, our specialists offer speech therapy and defectology consultations, which include individual and group sessions. All age groups with and without special needs are welcome.

Physical activities

Beregynja offers physical exercises such as yoga, fitness, Pilates and stretching. The program consists of body training, which primarily targets the deep, small and usually weaker muscle groups. They ensure correct and healthy posture, which is important for physical and mental well-being. The training includes strength exercises, stretching and conscious breathing exercises.


The charitable association “Beregynja” not only provides education, integration and the physical and mental well-being of people, but also interpersonal relationships, pleasant togetherness, shared cultural experiences and joyful afternoons in the association community. Beregynja organizes concerts, cooking afternoons and many other activities for young and old in a family-friendly atmosphere.


The non-profit organization “Beregynja” attaches great importance to integration and inclusion. An important part of integration is, above all, getting to know the culture of the country to which the refugees have moved. Our experts in cultural studies and art history will be happy to guide you through Austria’s museums and other cultural sites to introduce you to the country’s history and culture.

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