The Beregynja Team

Alina Zavatska


As the founder and chairwoman of the charitable association “Beregynja”, she has been working on various social issues for Ukrainian refugees in Vienna since May 2022. She is a trained social pedagogue from the Zhytomyr Oblast and is responsible for communication and cooperation with other organizations at “Beregynya”.

Olga Maral


Olga is a qualified German/DaF/DaZ and English teacher and works as a German professor at AHS Friesgasse. She joined the company in December 2022 and is a member of the Executive Board. As secretary, she is responsible for the association’s communications.

Thomas Heskia


Thomas is an organizational developer and systemic therapist and consultant in Vienna and Berlin. At Beregynja, he looks after the association’s finances and maintains contact with the Austrian authorities.

Julia Predeïna

Creative workshops

Julia is an experienced illustrator and has been offering art and creativity workshops since the beginning. She comes from Moscow and also came to Austria in 2022.

Ekaterina Mirzojan

Music workshops

Ekaterina is an opera singer and musicologist from Nikolaev. Ekaterina has actively supported the Beregynja project since its inception and has conducted unforgettable music lessons as part of the inclusion classes.

Iryna Muzika

Ukrainian as a mother tongue

Iryna is a specialist in inclusion and, as an experienced psychologist, also offers individual and group psychological counseling. She also teaches Ukrainian as a native language at the Beregynja association.


We are committed and free-thinking Ukrainians, Russians and Austrians.

We are committed people who create an atmosphere of learning and further education for young and old. This gives rise to the possibility of further development and personal growth, on the basis of which positive skills and social potential for free coexistence can develop. Our aim is to promote the new perspectives of learning and personal development that build an open society from early childhood to old age. Beregynja” is a project for the freedom of Ukrainians to unite with those who are close to them in Vienna.



We were founded by and for Ukrainians. However, we are happy about all children and families who share our values.


We try to build bridges so that all people from conflict regions can talk to each other.


We are open to all religious and political orientations. As long as it respects people’s freedom.

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